via 3-11-17 – MAGcos

At Stonewall, the predictable is unpredictable and the unpredictable is hilarious. Here’s an example: Tiger, the cat goes on vacation – predictable. While he’s out, someone comes to investigate – the Comic Supervisor! – unpredictable. (Apparently, all the great comic strips have a supervisor. Someone’s got to keep things together.) So, Tiger’s missing and Butch, the lizard has an idea!

Did you know?
Although a lizard might catch a mosquito here or there, they don’t feed on them regularly. Roaches, on the other hand (yikes), might be a pet chameleon’s culnary delight. Um-uh, yes ‘a’ pet chameleon, not Grandpa’s pet chameleon.


I'm a bird on a wire.

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