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It’s no secret that Butch is a very ‘special’ lizard. He has a talent like no other comic-strip character. Sorry, I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s right there on the tip of my tongue. He’s used this unique ability to pick tangerines, eat fries, swipe broccoli and now, to travel by zip-line. Although we’d like to see him test this skill in every ‘sticky’ situation – watching his talent to ‘run‘ has been much more fun!

Did you know?
The chameleon’s tongue fires at lightning speed and on average is roughly twice the length of its body. For a human, that would be a tongue about 10 to 12 feet long! – And you’d need a permit to carry one.

A Comic Cat-alog

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Reading Stonewall you’re soon to notice the simple playfulness that purrs out of every page. Of course, if the character in that strip and on that page is a cat, it makes a lot better sense. Cats are found all over the comic and everywhere outside grandpa’s house. If you’re a Mangy Kitten and Beautiful fan, if Moo Cow and Tom tickle your fancy or you simply can’t live without a little dose of White Spot or Silver, you’ve found the ‘purrfect’ website. (okay, I’ll stop now)

Did you know?
When Ben, Brooke, Ruby and Marco visit Grandpa, the cats are always part of a Stonewall welcoming committee. We haven’t seen their calendar, but we’re sure they’re booked every ‘Purrsday’.  (sorry, I couldn’t help it)