Boogie Down

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When a 93-year-old and a 13-year-old get together, the hilariousness never gets old. We’d like to think that STONEWALL can bridge a generation gap, or two, or three. And that’s a lot of bridges for one (stone) wall. (tough sell, I know). So, ‘it don’t make no difference‘ if you were born in 1924 or 2004, ‘boys will be boys‘ no matter their age. After all, great-grandpas and great-grandsons are both ‘great’! (and so are Frosted Flakes, apparently)

Did you know?
The cartoonist started to draw STONEWALL when he was eleven. It wasn’t his first comic, he’d been cartooning since he first pushed a pencil. The hand drawn characters and hard-to-read handwriting have left a lasting impression, mostly on paper. (thankfully) There’s a couple of old ‘notebook‘ comics online, if you care to click.


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At Stonewall, the predictable is unpredictable and the unpredictable is hilarious. Here’s an example: Tiger, the cat goes on vacation – predictable. While he’s out, someone comes to investigate – the Comic Supervisor! – unpredictable. (Apparently, all the great comic strips have a supervisor. Someone’s got to keep things together.) So, Tiger’s missing and Butch, the lizard has an idea!

Did you know?
Although a lizard might catch a mosquito here or there, they don’t feed on them regularly. Roaches, on the other hand (yikes), might be a pet chameleon’s culnary delight. Um-uh, yes ‘a’ pet chameleon, not Grandpa’s pet chameleon.

WOOOO… It’s Cold!

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Spend an hour with Grandpa and you’re sure to hear something funny. Spend that hour at a restaurant and the hilarious factor increases ten-fold. Grandpa gets the laughs not by telling a scripted joke, but by stating the obvious and telling it like it is. The man’s a comic genius!

Did you know?
Grandpa is a regular Dr. Doolittle. When home alone; Grandpa, Tiger and Butch have a ‘pet-friendly’ understanding. They may not always agree, but they truly are best buds.


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Despite his small stature, Butch is always ready to offer his assistance. Okay, so he’s not the smartest lizard in the tree. It’s true, he’s a little ‘green’. And sure he has some fears (almost everything), but he’s never been called ‘yellow’.  You know, the best thing about Butch is that he’s not afraid to show his true colors. After all, he is a chameleon.

Did you know?
It was Grandpa that named our loveable-lizard-friend, Butch. Perhaps he thought the little guy needed a tough-sounding name?